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How to update clone Opcom firmware to 1.59

This guide will help you how to upgrade clone Opcom firmware to 1.59, As we all know, clone opel Op-com  diagnostic interface just work with 2010.08 opcom software, and with 1.45 firmware.

New OPCOM China Clone is available now. Below we make the upgrade instruction of Op com china clone 2014 Opcom firmware upgrade to 1.59 guide.

1:  True V1.39 Firmware PCB

2:  Latest V1.45 Firmware PCB

How to update clone Opcom firmware to 1.59

Step 1: Download free 2014 op-com software, and install the program.

2010.08 opcom clone software Free download link:

Step 2: Make sure obd tools website (obdtool.co.uk) Op com china clone 2014 onnect the computer to install the drivers correctly, PLS disconnect the internet.

Step 3: Open the OCflash and update the op-com with firmware 1.59 HEX file

Step 4: At last we opened the vaux-com software version is 2012.08, you can check obdtool.co.uk opcom firmware version have be updated to 1.59.