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How to update Opcom Clone Firmware 1.45 to 1.60

This post is aimed to help update OPCOM China clone 2012V 12039a Can OBD2 For Opel FW 1.45 to 1.60 version. Hope this helps.

(NOTE: update at risk for update method and files is offered by a opcom user)

 op com firmware 1.60

1. disable internet connection2. install driver for op-com 1.45 from op-com 08.2010 driver cd in device manager i see op-com v2.0
3. then install VAUX-COM_120309a+131223d_GB+OcFlash China.exe4. open OCFLASH FW UPG and load fw160.hex file
5. in oc flash - flashing mode is automatic
. press flash and wait about 1 minute flashing is finished7. after ocflash , use Mprog FTDI flash utiliy to change the FTDI 232R eeprom content . it should be seems that "USB Serial to converter" rather than "Opcom usb v2" interface . (you need to find the .ept file for ft232r ic)8. next, install the FTDI drivers supplied with "VAUX-COM_120309a+131223d_GB+OcFlash China.exe package.9. lastly if you 're lucky, opcom interface should be works

(Ftdi chip with program called mprog)

attached pictures with model opcom fw 1.45 motherboard with pic18f458

* easy method to get op-com fw 1.59

op-com_china clone.ept -> the old version software
op-com_new_vauxcom2012.ept -> new version software