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OP-COM opcom 2012V firmware 1.59 installation step-by-step

OP COM USB diagnostic interface for Opel and Vauxhall firmware has newly updated to V1.59. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to install opcom China Clone software.

Software version (SW): 08/2010
Firmware version (FW): V1.59

How to install OP-COM 1.59 software?

1)    Install Op-com driver

Open My Computer
Open OP-COM (E:) CD software
Create a new folder “op-com” on Local Disk (C:)
Copy all files in OP-COM CD to the “op-com” folder

Send OP-COM Diagnostic software to Desktop (create shortcut)
Connect China clone OP-COM V1.59 interface with computer via USB port
Wait the system to detect hardware wizard
Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next

Include and browse location to C:op-comDrivers, click OK

Click “Next”
Click “Next”
Click “Finish” when opcom driver is completely installed

Open My Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to make sure well communication is built

2) Run Op-com software and diagnose

Plug the op-com cable with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket
Open “Shortcut to OP-COM” software on desktop
Click “Settings

Click “Test Interface”, you will able to see the OPCOM serial number and firmware version V01.59
Click “Close”

Click “Save Config
OP-COM Configuration saved! Press “OK”

Back to Opcom software main menu
Select “Diagnostic” function
Select “Automatic Vehicle Identification

Select “KWP-2000” (K-line) or “CAN” and select diagnostic connector

The op-com 2010V software will display vehicle information, VIN, model, engine code etc

Click “Diagnose ECM” button
Select ECM type and diagnostic connector
Click “Fault Code”
Op-com will display all error codes stored in ECM

The click “Clear Fault Codes” to erase error codes
Perform other diagnostic functions or exit the software program
Unplug the op-com USB interface.

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