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OPCOM clone firmware, which one?

OPCOM firmware 1.70-1.39, which one should you buy?
“OPCOM firmware have not make the tool or software smarter.” mattydr67 said in the MH community. Maybe it’s a good tip for buying opcom clone.

People advertise opcom as v1.65 or v1.70 ( I really don’t know if this is real because the opcom v16xxxx was in Polish not English ) for the one who don’t even know what they buy.
Opcom is a tool that use opcom software. Thr last opcom version is 150406 EN and 150506 DE.
Both is ask to upgrade the firmware in tge opcom tool to fw 1.64

So for opcom clones:
– if you are using opcom china clone 08-2010 which is actually opcom 100219a then the tool must have fw1.39 ( no newer )
-if you are using vauxcom 120309a ( w/ or w/o new data base ) you need to use opcom fw v1.45 ( no newer )

About hardware
There is OP-COM v5 which is using PIC18F458 ( the real one ) and the OP-COM v6 which is using fake PIC ( PIC18F45K80)
Also all chinese clones are Revision B hardware
There is a way to make an adaptor to use a china clone Revision B and Revision C ( can connect to CH-CAN )
There is also Revision D+ hardware ( also for clones). The difference is that D+ has no relayes
There are HQ clone that use their own software. Real software including 150406b/d EN and 150596a DE
The hardware is a China clone opcom v5 and there is Revision B or Revision C too

About opcom update
You need to try an upgrade the opcom software not the firmware.
The new firmware will not give you nothing new unless you will use the newer opcom/vauxcom version
My advice is to install vauxcom 120309a and you will see that it will upgrade the firmware automatically to the version that its method.
All the rest will waiste your time

So this is all you have to know about opcom clones.
If you buy a clone you have to use opcom 100219 ( china clone 08-2010)/fw1.39or vauxvom 120309a ( w/ or w/o new database – fake versions actually )/fw1.45
Good luck!!


How to program Code Index Opel Zafira B by OPCOM V1.70?

Here you will know how to program Opel Zafira B Code Index by OPCOM Firmware 1.70? Check step by step as below:

OP-COM Opel Code Index Programming Steps
Open OPCOM VAUX-COM 12309a software and go to "Diagnostics".
Select car year and car model: 2008 Zafira-B.
Go to "Information System".
Choose "DIS (Info Display TID, BID, GID, CID)
Select Diagnostic Connector: MS CAN
Wait and CAN enable.
Then OP-COM will show all vehicle information as below, click "Programming".
Choose "Program Code Index" function.
Just choose one of index from the available index list, click "Start Programming" button. Then wait the process complete!
Now Opel Coe Index Programming done by OPCOM China Clone V2014 FW V1.70!
Note: OPCOM Firmware V1.70 with single layer PCB like the original PCB!
Only €20 free shipping here:

OPCOM Firmware 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 1.39 PCB Download Free

Opel Opcom PCBs for you! 2017 new Opcom firmware v1.70 v1.65 and old Op-com v1.59 v1.45 v1.39 PCBs all available… Here you go.

OPCOM fw 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 1.39 PCB download:
Opcom firmware 1.59 PCB
There are two versions of op-com firmware 1.59
Opcom with item no. sp105
Opcom with item no. sp105-b
Opcom 2009 / opcom firmware 1.39 PCB
Opcom firmware 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 download:

VAUX-COM 120309 software download:

Opcom user manual download:

Opcom firmware 1.70 vs Opcom fw 1.65 vs Op-com fw 1.59 vs Op-com fw 1.45

Opel Opcom china clones are different from the PCB design but have the same functions via vaux-com software.

OPCOM Firmware 1.70 1.65 Tested: 100% OK with VAUX-COM 2014/2010

Opcom v1.65 & Op-com v1.70 china clone firmware update! And op com china clone software free download, including opcom 2014 and opcom 2010 software vaux-com.

opcom firmware 1.65 download:
will be available soon 
opcom firmware 1.70 download:
will be available soon
opcom firmware 1.59 download:
opcom firmware 1.45 download:

Opcom fw 1.65 vs. Op-com fw 1.70:
Opcom 1.65 vs. Op-com 1.70 only differs from the PCB design;
Share the same features and functions
Optional to work with opcom software vaux-com: ver. 2010, ver. 2014
confirmed to work perfect with opcom 2010 or 2014 software

Opel Opcom basic information:

  1. OPCOM is a special PC-based diagnostic interface especially for OPEL.
  2. Software Version:2010/2014  Firmware Version: 1.65/1.70
  3. DO NOT update opcom online; otherwise, the device would be damaged!

New OPCOM 2010/2014V Software Function:

  1. It covers almost all Opel cars, incl. new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.
  2. The program allows users to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data and perform output test.
  3. The program supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module,
    Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, etc.
  4. Since Opel cars adopt many PINs in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer,
    and users need select the appropriate pin for communication. PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)
  5. Fault codes will be shown with all information available:

Full fault code text description:

1) Full status information (Present, Not present, Intermittent)
2) Users can print out, save, or copy the fault codes to any other application.
From the fault codes window, users can go directly to the measuring blocks window.
3) The program shows measuring block information on many control module, users can choose anything from the list on your own.
4) The program is capable of showing 8 measuring block parameter simultaneously.
The sample rate is depends mostly on the communication protocol.
For example, the older system like Omega-B X 25 DT Engine (ISO-9141-2) can be very slow during communication, while the newer Multec or Bosch units are faster (using KWP-2000), and the newest CAN based control units are very fast!

Users can also run output tests on many controllers.

HSCAN - Dual-wire, High Speed CAN-BUS, 500 kbps
MSCAN - Dual-wire, Medium Speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps
SWCAN - Single-wire, Low Speed CAN-BUS, 33.3 kbps

How to active DPF Regeneration for Opel Insignia 2011 by OPCOM?

As we know the DPF needs to be cleaned regularly, so this blog will guide you how to use OP-COM China clone 2012 to active filter for Opel Insignia 2011 DPF Regeneration.

First, you need OPCOM interface:
OK, now you can start:
Step1. Open VAUX-COM 120309a software. Choose “Diagnostics”→ “2011 (B)” → “Insignia” → “Engine” → “A 20 DTH”
Step2. Choose “Measuring Blocks” function
Then choose “Exhaust Aftertreatment Data” and you can see many measured values as follows:
Step3. Back to choose “Programming” then “Regeneration D. Particulate Filter” then “Start Activation” and that’s all steps. In this way you can use OPCOM to active filter for Opel Insignia!

OPCOM OP-COM reset and reprogram ECU guide for Vauxhall Astra H

This is guide about using OP-COM to reset and reprogram Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ECU immobilizer. Get cheap OPCOM V2012 under $20 and you can start to diagnose and program Opel or Vauxhall Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B…
First, connect OPCOM with car and laptop. Open OPCOM software. Choose “2014”→“Astra-H”→ “Engine”→ “Z 16 XEP”
Follow the tip and click “Next”
Then, choose “Reset ECU” and you need to enter security code. Enter then click OK.

Wait and it will show “Reset completed successfully”
Now car’s immobilizer light is blink. Choose “Body”→ “Programming”→ “Immobilizer Programming”
Click “Security Code” and enter security code. Click “Program Immobilizer Function”, choose “ECM” option and click “Do It”.
Turn to main menu and choose “Fault Codes”. OPCOM software will display fault codes.
Click “Clear Fault Codes” and the code “P1614-50 Wrong Transponder Key” still exist. Then you need to remove key and plug it in again. Now all codes are cleared and car’s immobilizer light is off.
Now all things done! OPCOM diagnostic tool reset Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ECU immobilizer successfully.