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OPCOM Software V120309a/ 090714 Firmware V1.45/ V1.59/ V1.39

As of this writing, it will list different points of OPCOM V120309a/ 090714 Firmware V1.45/ V1.59/ V1.39. Since OPCOM Diagnostic Tools are all hot sell products at http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/ and many people get confused because OPCOM devices at obdtool seem similar to each other.
Also you can check OPCOM download links here.
Part 1: OPCOM 2012 V120309a Firmware V1.45/ V1.59 vs 2010 090714 Firmware V 1.39 at the following basic info
Main unit

PriceSP105: €16.99
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
(They are made by different factories.)
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
Firmware Version1.591.451.39
Software VersionSoftware version: 120309a090714
Operating SystemWin XP/ Win 7Win XP/ Win 7Win XP
Built-in Chip typeWith PIC18F458 ChipWith PIC18F458
Part 2: Free download links
OPCOM V2012 120309a software download for free
Compatible hardware: OPCOM firmware V1.59 and OPCOM firmware V1.45 (Item No. SP105, SP105-B and SP105-C)
How to update clone OPCOM firmware to 1.59
OPCOM 2010V firmware 1.59 installation guide step-by-step
OPCOM 2010V 090714 free download
Part 3: Different Appearance and Chip Structure: OPCOM 2012 V120309a Firmware V1.45/ V1.59 vs 2010 090714 Firmware V 1.39
  1. Appearance of OPCOM 2012 V120309a Firmware V1.45 / V1.59 (SP105/ SP105-B/ SP105-C)
  1. Chip Structure of OPCOM V1.45/ V1.59( PC board)

  1. Appearance of OPCOM V2010 software 090714 firmware V1.39 English German (SP12)
  1. Chip Structure of OPCOM V1.39 (PC board)

Note: Their packages are the same including one OP COM Interface, one USB Cable and one piece of CD contained software and drivers.